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What We Do For Your Success

We operate as an integral part of your sales and marketing team actively interacting with both current and prospective clients to boost cash flow and drive revenue for your brand. Our focus is on advertising, promoting, and raising awareness to help expand your business. We reach out to businesses, assess opportunities, and drive growth for your brand.


Our expertise is built upon a foundation of knowledge, skills, networks, resources, and reputation. Having successfully supported businesses in Australia, the US, the UK, and New Zealand in reaching their sales targets, exceeding expectations, enhancing brand visibility, and generating millions of dollars in new business annually.


Our goal is to maintain exceptional performance as a new business development team in Australia, with a vision to excel in our field. We are renowned for forging robust client relationships, providing outstanding customer service, and fostering client expansion. Our team is dedicated, adaptable, and responsive, ready to adapt and address your evolving business requirements.


We uphold top-tier employment, regulatory, and ethical practices and take pride in our reputation as an inclusive employer with a broad geographic presence and a commitment to equal opportunity. Our ambitious goal is to become industry leaders known for service excellence, impressive sales achievements, cutting-edge technology, and a agile, content, and dedicated team.

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Our Latest  Projects

We conduct thorough research on your ideal clients and target audience. By implementing a strategic system, we uncover and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities. Our primary focus is collaborating with software developers to address key pain points and challenges faced by their potential clients, ensuring solutions that drive results.


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B2B Lead Generation

In today’s modern business landscape, meaningful real conversations between sellers and buyers are crucial, going beyond AI and digital interactions. Our expertise serves as the bridge that fosters genuine connections, freeing you to focus your energy, time, and resources on other aspects of your life.

Marketing Strategy

Utilizing AI-powered digital marketing campaigns, we assist in crafting a holistic strategy to elevate your brand visibility and boost sales. Employing cutting-edge tools and technologies, we ensure impactful outcomes for your business.

Human Resources

Our internal HR model guarantees the expertise necessary for your extended workforce and fosters a positive company culture. Our team consists of local professionals dedicated to your success.


We systematically pursue new business opportunities with a structured, focused, and intelligent approach, resulting in tangible outcomes such as real meetings and significant results. Our formula is crafted and validated by renowned leaders in sales and marketing.

Revenue and Forecasting

We ensure commercial viability, allowing for accurate forecasting of revenue-generating opportunities and strategic planning. Our personalized solutions assist in effectively managing your sales pipeline and facilitating capital raising endeavors.


Maximize your effectiveness in prospecting on LinkedIn by generating leads and initiating live sales calls directly from ones profile wall.


We meticulously attend to and nurture all inquiries with precision. Subsequently, we qualify and create opportunities for you, enabling you to allocate your focus to other areas of the business.

Tele-Sales & Telemarketing

We provide B2B and B2C telemarketing services aimed at assisting your business in reaching its monthly sales targets.

Data Procurement

We specialize in research and data development, offering options to either source or construct data internally, or leverage our established pipelines for acquisition.

What We Do

Inbound Support

We meticulously qualify and convert leads to further enhance your business operations. Thousands of monthly inquiries 

What We offer

Qualify Your Leads

Actively seek out new business in a methodical, targeted, and strategic approach, while avoiding excessive reliance on scripts.

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Customer Engagement

The significance of retaining clients can often boil down to something as straightforward as a live sales call—a seemingly small action that can yield significant results.

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Industry Sectors

While industries may differ, our key markets include Industrial, Retail, Automotive, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Mining & Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Health, Property, and Education.

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Consumer Goods

Human Resources

Real Estate

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What People Say

Agentbox embarked on its journey with a small sales team of 3. Seeking growth and new opportunities, we partnered with Charles and his team from Real Leads. Their expertise expanded our reach, resulting in revenue-generating prospects.
Eddie Cetin
Co Founder & Chairman, Reapit
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Our journey with Charles and his team began at the very beginning of my appointment as CEO for Camms Risk Management Group. At that time, we were just starting to scale and expand, especially in our sales department. Working Supply chain, manufacturing, packaging and warehousing.
Warwick Kirby
CEO, Camms Group
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Working and connecting ideas and solutions across capital markets, construction, supply chain, logistics, government and sustainability. Real Leads is the go-to team for businesses seeking expert guidance and assistance with their sales or marketing strategies.
Colin Thompson
Managing Director, Network ROI
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Meet Our Team

Our team, based in Australia, comprises agents operating nationally, each bringing diverse industry backgrounds and a strong commercial acumen. They are dedicated to addressing today’s critical challenges for our clients, seamlessly integrating with your business. Key attributes include expertise in both technology and finance sectors.


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The significance between your “pay per performance” vs “pay per lead” model

Now we’ve seen it heard it a million times B2B lead gen companies offering a commission only based service. So…

Having access to the largest data bank in Australia

What this means for you and your business…. Considering what we do as an extension to one’s sales and marketing…

End of financial year the decision making process for the new year

00:00 Navigating End of Financial Year Decisions are being held right now as we navigate into the new financial year.…
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